Saturday, August 7, 2010

I just did a thorough house cleaning and decided to apply this to my blog, web page, and get rid of pages I just don't use very much. One item in my virtual cluttered garage is Facebook. I had a page before then disconnected it. I decided to later reconnect to Facebook. That is like going to garage sales to buy another blender because last year, you decided to take your old blender to the Goodwill. You almost never used it. You buy the next blender, and it sits in the cabinet unused. Voila, this one too ends up at the Goodwill when you do your next uncluttering. I must remember that two times I've had a Facebook page, and both times, only my friends seemed to use it. They advertise to each other, share their daily lives, and I never see most of this happening. I just never go on there unless I get a personal message. People will just have to email me with their children's and grand children's pictures.

What is all this cleaning and uncluttering about? I'm not sure. I think as my 59th birthday approaches and then the 60th, I don't need as much stuff. I also don't need as much food, clothing, cars, and headaches. Wow, growing older may be a good thing. It beats the alternative!

There are no art shows in my immediate future. I'm taking a much-needed break. What am I doing with my time? I'm creating jewelry, creating mosaics, a sculpture garden, and continuing my creative writing courses.

I am creating a new line of jewelry for the fall. It will be sold at MOCA Jacksonville. (Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville) This is the Southeast's largest contemporary art museum, and I am honored they want my work on display in their museum shop.

To all my friends who happen upon this page, if your web page links are gone, please email me your new ones. I have also swept out old links.


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